Patch Sobrak-Seaton

Patch is a designer and graphic artist from Santa Cruz, California. Since studying illustration at San Jose State, he is working in the creative industry, is proud to call a wide range of skills and techniques his own, and is always striving to further increase his knowledge to stay at the cutting edge. Patch takes a lot of pride in his work and has had extensive experience with projects from visual identity, to book illustration, UI/UX, to exhibit design. He has collaborated with agencies, museums, small businesses, book publishers, and a Fortune 50 company. The talented young designer expanded his network across the ocean and now lives in Berlin, Germany. Patch enjoys a good challenge and, at this time, is learning the new language and finding inspiration in this beautiful vibrant place. Patch’s favorite artist, for many years, has been Tom Sachs and he loves listening to Built to Spill.

Esther Prause

Esther is a bilingual Berliner academic and is working on her Master of Arts in North American Studies. In her studies, she focusses on intercultural exchange and communication, the de- and encoding of symbols. She has traveled extensively across the globe connecting people and creating meanings. Esther works as the structural backbone and in-house copywriter of Aesthetic Commission. With her curiosity and clarity, she acts as a mediator and art director in the creative process of crafting visual and textual messages. This allows her to infuse the shape of our original designs in a way that they will be received with open eyes and open hearts by their intended audiences. Esther is a fine artist and is currently working on expanding her artistic portfolio from pen and ink drawings to watercolor. Her favorite illustrators are Chris Riddell and Shaun Tan and she loves listening to the New Radicals.

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Aesthetic Commission is the creative partnership between Patch Sobrak-Seaton and Esther Prause. Based in Berlin, the full-service bilingual design agency offers digital and analog services, specifically branding, corporate design, web design, UI/UX, editorial and communication design, product and package design, merchandise, art prints and illustration.

We at Aesthetic Commission take great pride in our innovative user-oriented work. Our goal is to closely collaborate with our clients, to creatively communicate meanings, to craft beautiful products, and to tell each unique story effectively and memorably.

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